FROM READING through a few issues and surfing your site, I must say, you’ve been quite busy. Can you briefly explain your story? 
In a nutshell, my comic is about a ferret boy named Cliff who goes on super-heroic, action-packed missions for his dad’s company as his double-sided secret identity: Nightswift. There is more to it than that, but no need to spoil the fun yet.

When and how did you come up with your story?
Actually the concept has been with me as early as 2009. I decided to make it because I enjoyed several cartoons and games series while growing up such as Batman: The Animated Series and Swat Kats. It’s essentially a mix of various things in fiction that I like

At this current time it appears you are completing chapter five; how many more chapters do you have planned? Also, will there be a sequel?
Well, I would guess in having more than 20 chapters at least. A sequel is possible but a long way off, if we ever reach that point. Right now, our way is to simply take it one chapter at a time.

Have you had any challenges thus far?
Actually, I work with a team and that in itself presents its own challenges. More work is spread out, but keeping communication and following up are a must to keep things running smoothly. The best teams are kept small in my opinion.

One of the neat facets of a working cartoonist is that, over time, there is artistic growth. Do you feel like that is the case with you?
Yes I agree, although I am more of a writer, I do see notable improvement on my craft overall since I first began. I will continue to learn as I keep pushing forward. Also, I’m confident that my partners share the same philosophy when it comes to improvement.

Do you have any plans in the near future to print Crossing Over once it’s complete?
Early chapters will have to be redone if I want to print those but newer chapters will be ready for it. I do want to print them eventually when enough pages for a sizable volume are made.

Where can people go to check out your comic, and does it cost anything?
Interested readers can access our site at http://Co-Comic.com. It’s free to read, but later supporters of our Patreon will get great perks and incentives. The stuff I have planned, it’s going to be great!

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