Guest List


Joseph Graham (aka Joey)  &  Nathan Introligator (aka Mike)  

creators of  


Joseph Graham (aka Joey) and Nathan Introligator (aka Mike) are long time friends and almost equally long time creative collaborators from Houston, TX, who despite having very *very* different ideas and tastes, somehow maintain real zeal for that which makes them different. In 2015 they decided to use this disparity to create the absurdist-super-hero-eco-conservationist-satire MONOMANIA. Now working on their fourth issue with artist Geoff Sebesta, Mike and Joey discuss their process and hopefully don’t just argue whether or not Thanos was right.  

Joey and Mike will be delivering the topic, “Develop a Process That Works For You” @ 11:30 am 



 Chanteé Hale 

creator of 


Chanteé is a Houston based indie comics writer and creator. Her published works include the Project Mammoth: Dying Light web comics with Kevin McCoy and Maksim Strelkov and several works of dark short fiction which can be found in various anthologies and literary journals. She has been a Stan Lee Foundation featured artist and teaches workshops on writing and comic creation throughout Texas. You can find her online at her website,, or on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.

She will be delivering the topic, “How to Write a Comic Script” @ 12:15 pm 



Mostafa Moussa


Marvel, DC, Image, etc..,

Mostafa Moussa always loved drawing as a kid, way more than studying at least. After graduation, he thought he may as well try it as a career, so he hopped on a plane and went to every Convention and talked to every editor that he could. He was able to get work right away, and has never looked back. During his career he’s worked with DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, IDW, Dark Horse, Hasbro, Mirage Studios, Zenescope, Devil’s Due, Big Dog Ink, Stratum, Penny Farthing Productions, Overground Comics, and many, many others. He currently resides in Houston, Texas.

He will be delivering the topic, “Breaking into Comics and Working with Marvel and DC”  @ 1:00 pm

Justen Barks

Legal Associate


Think you know the ins and outs for copyrights and trademarks for you artwork and writing? Comics creators and wannabes can understand the foundation of intellectual property protection to how those fundamentals are applied in some of the biggest cases in entertainment law. It may be difficult to believe it, but the book, television, movie, and even the music industries often rely on law created in the worlds of comic book creation and publication. Attendees will learn basic information about how to protect their own works through copyright, trademark, and contract law. Then, we will dive into the deep end, looking at lawsuits involving characters—including Superman, Mickey Mouse, the Batmobile, Jonah Hex, and Spawn—and creators—including Neil Gaiman, Todd McFarlane, and Jack Kirby—to better understand how to protect works and income streams for authors and artists alike. Justen is an associate in the Vethan Law Firm’s Houston office and practices in entertainment and intellectual property transactions, litigation, and appeals. Justen has successfully negotiated film options, international book publishing agreements, and protected the rights and intellectual property portfolios for brands around the world. His intellectual property practice includes a mix of work with the Copyright Office, Trademark Office, Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, and the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, and copyright, patent, and trademark litigation in state and federal courts. Justen helps his entertainment clients by counseling on the creation and retention of multiple royalty streams, drafting and negotiating industry-specific agreements, and litigation in the areas of copyright infringement, exclusive representation agreements, and claims under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

He will be delivering the topic, The Secret Wars of Comic Creators and  What We Can Learn From Them”  @ 3:30 pm

JP Baldez 

creator of


J.P. Baldez is an artist and writer from Houston, Texas. He attended the University of Houston to pursue a Graphic Design degree. Teachers thoroughly explained the art industry was difficult and an artist must be willing to starve for their craft. Being pragmatic and one who enjoys eating, J.P. changed his degree to Management. He currently works in management at a finance company and eats plenty of food while pursing art endeavors in his spare time.  He has made webcomics since 2008 with past projects which include “Bearly Able” and “Phantoms’ Trail”. Currently he is working on Mateys, which is a gag-a-day comic about a pirate and a ninja, ‘frenemies’ who are roommates,

He will be delivering the topic, How to Create a Gag-a-Day comic”  @ 4:30 pm



 Isaiah Broussard Table # 22   |   Nick Garber Table # 17  |  Candace Ford Table # 26 


Isaiah Broussard is an independent cartoonist from Houston, Texas. His work, “Crackers & White Wine” was named Houston’s best political webcomic by Houston Press. He also creates the comic all-ages comedy/horror comic “Transyltown” and is the illustrator of the wacky superhero/adventure comic “Help Wanted!”

Nick Garber is a penciler, inker, and writer who has worked for several independent comic book publishers but is best known for his work on “The Phantom Hawk,” “Corvid & Sparrow,” and “The Crimson Guardians.”

Candace Ford (also known by their penname, Vexingly Yours) is a Houston-based comic artist who currently authors two webcomics, “Forgotten Roots” and “What’s Under My Bed?” They are also one of the founders of “Haunted Cosmos Press” and have been included in quite a few anthologies, namely the Prism Award-winning and Ignatz-nominated “Power & Magic: The Queer Witch Comic Anthology.”

They will be presenting the topic, “Let’s Talk Shop: Getting Your Comic Noticed ”  @ 2:30 pm