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Greetings fellow Comic Indie Goers!

Meet Houston’s growing talent of indie comic creators, here at The Teahouse located at 2089 Westheimer Road, Houston TX 77098.

Whether you’d like to simply network with other creators, find some talent, or you’d like to show off your work, come on by! Feel free to bring some samples of your work to show to others, although this is not necessary. Feel free to ask for a critique, we have a few people that are more than qualified to give some good advice.

See ya there!

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Greetings and welcome to another edition of “Ask An Artist” where artists and writers of Comic Indie field various questions which may help others out there. This week we pass have an interesting question.

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Work week got you down? How about you join us with a good beverage and a conversation with the one and only Rod Thornton. Rods only been creating indie comics for the better part of a decade!

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Stop digging yams and rise up against your oppressors in this tale of an empire fueled by free labor. Join the Comic Indie guys as we do a BOOK BREAKDOWN of Eternal Empire by Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna.

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Welcome to another “Ask an Artist” edition, where the artists and writers of Comic Indie field questions and post their answers for the others to benefit from their sage advice.

Today’s question is:

I’d like advice on drawing backgrounds. I hate drawing them. What are good ways to cheat?