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Please keep in mind that there is a limit of 37 tables per the MAP LAYOUT above, and from the 37 there is a limit to each category listed below.  These limitations are concrete, however under special circumstances we may be able to add a single to another single if the map layout already shows that there is one joined.  To make this kind of adjustment, please email us at


*Electrical outlets are only provided for a few tables along the walled sections of the map layout..  We cannot guarantee electricity so please bring a back up battery for your devices



ALL TABLES with the exception of the Super Double get approximately 6 feet by 3.5 feet of space for your sitting area.  Please be sure that your backdrop fits INSIDE this measurement (i.e… make sure the width is less than 6 feet). The DOUBLE CORNER table gets approximately 9.5 feet by 6 feet (same rule applies here). Anything exceeding this space will not be accepted.  If you are sitting along side of the wall, you are able to hang posters so as long as they are not nailed or screwed (invisible tape and tacky putty is acceptable).  


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