Artists’ Biggest Pet Peeves

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Ask an Artist. This series will cover a series of questions, answered by various Comic Indie artists and writers.

Today’s question is: What is one of your biggest comic artist pet peeves?

“Speech balloon tails should point to the open mouth of the character delivering the message. It bothers me when I see an artist pointing their tails toward a character’s closed mouth or toward a different part of their body.”

Submitted by JP

“My biggest comic artist pet peeve is misspellings. I’m notorious for posting the final drafts filled with misspelled words. I promise, i re-read my comics over and over before putting out the final draft but I just can’t get it right. So to clarify I am more peeved with myself when I make the error. Who knew Chinese is not spelled Chineese? Not me! When I see it out in the comic wild with other works I slightly peeved less. To see more misspellings check out my comic Going Viral at

Submitted by: Kenneth

“Oooo, I just saw some art that made me think of another pet peeve ha. It’s when a character is holding a gun or firing a gun, but the angle of the arm extended with the gun does not match where the gun is pointed. Hard to describe, but I guess like the arm is pointing west and the gun is pointing Northwest. They would be in a straight line!

Here. Bottom panel. Beautiful artist Jan Duursema. Typically flawless. But the gun, arm and hand also are just not in the right place. If the subject’s wrist was turned-in matching the angle of the gun, then the arm angle would be simply bad form for firing a gun by the subject. But here, the wrist is actually turned out and the gun is going the other way. So all 3 are off (to me).”

Submitted by: Jay Gillespie

“I am not an artist but I hate when books don’t consider their page layouts and the reading experience. I recently read X-Men Age of Apocalypse and they had all kinds of horrible page layouts, including one that made you turn the book sideways to read it. This page also gets distorted by the books spine.”

Submitted by: Johnie

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