WHAT DO YOU GET when you mix a pirate, a ninja and a cowboy? Give up? MATEYS! I have with me the creator, JP Baldez. JP, can you tell us what this wacky mix up is all about?
It’s a about a ninja who rents a room from a pirate and they become “frenemies” through the process. They have a cowboy as their next door neighbor.

Very original! How did you even come up with the idea of meshing these character types?
I tried thinking of unlikely characters that wouldn’t want to live with each other and had them live together, because I am fun like that.

What can you say is your ultimate goal with your comics?
Making people smile and laugh… and world domination.

Like one of your characters, Zed! —an alien that lives in their closet, haha.

Do you have a strategy for introducing new characters?
I like thinking of new characters that would be fun to play off the existing main ones. I enjoy bringing back former characters, when I think they will fit the storyline. One in particular is a merman named “Gilly,” he was able to reappear when the guys were at the beach

Throughout the running of your comic, it seems like you chose a style and stuck with it. Was this your intention?
In a previous webcomic, I changed midway from drawing traditional line art to what I enjoy drawing now, line-less vector art. By the time I started with Mateys, I decided I would stick with that style.

Are you planning on eventually printing a book?
In the beginning, I did not think I was going to create a lot of comics from this series and thought it would be strictly a webcomic on the internet. Now I’ve completed about 200 strips and it has been well received, publishing a book would be a nice step to take. I changed the font I use after about 50 comics, so I’d want to redo the speech bubbles for those before printing.

Great! Would you mind providing everyone a link to your comic?
Sure! You can find my comic at the Thanks for speaking with me!

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