Creating your own comic at Comicpalooza

We were at Comicpalooza, the largest pop culture festival in Texas! We did a quick panel over creating your own comic and discussed the ins-and-outs of creating a comic book. If you ask a lot of pros out there they will tell you: “If you want to make comics, then make comics.” Sounds simple enough, but there’s more to it. Besides writing a story, being or finding an artist, there’s: planning, process, creation, publishing, printing, promotions, crowd funding, copyright and trademarks, and the list goes on. We cannot give you the golden key to unlocking a successful comic title, but we can share with you our experience and try to answer the myriad of things you may have questions about.

Why read about the panel when you can just check it out here or on our YouTube channel? If you have any questions regarding anything you hear or just want more information be sure to contact us at!

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