How to Come Up with Creative Ideas

Welcome to another addition edition of “Ask An Artist” where a question is poised to the writers and artists of Comic Indie.

Today’s question is: What inspires you to come up with your creative ideas?

“Interaction with friends and family inspires a lot of material. Some of you may be saying, ‘My family and friends are real boring.’ Sorry to hear that dude. If you don’t have a funny family or friends, I suggest getting a funny pet to help get those creative comic juices flowing and inspire material. Spend a little time with them before taking them home to make sure they make you laugh with their zany antics. Of course, I guess you can get a grumpy cat if your project is some type of sad tragedy.”

~Submitted by JP

“I am a huge law and order fan and I’m surprised that not many other shows have emulated their ripped from the headlines approach to writing stories. News can be pretty messed up train wreck and law and order just take the same exact story, change the names, and boom they just wrote an episode. They’ve been sticking with this format since 1990. So as a tribute I choose current topical news items and craft a mediocre to very smart pun and boom I have a comic strip. I’m still trying to find my audience so I’ve been contemplating doing more sex crime related comics….. that’s a joke SVU joke by the way.”

~Submitted by Kenneth

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