How to Find Time to Work on Your Projects

Welcome to the latest edition of “Ask An Artist” where artists and writers of Comic Indie field various questions which may help others out there.

Today’s question: How do you find time to work on your project(s)?

“Know your personal peak time of the day. Devote time to work on your project during that peak time a few times week. I’m a morning person. A few times a week, I wake up early so that I may dedicate undistracted time to work on my projects before going to my job.”

~Submitted by JP

“It’s all about keeping to a strict schedule. I’m rigid with my work hours. At 4:30 I’m out the door. My boss can set his watch by what time i get to work and when I leave. One hour at the gym, not one second more. Even though I work almost 60 hours a week at work, I’m still able to spend about 15 hours a week on my book.

Oh, and very little social media! It’s a time suck.”

~Submitted by Billy Witt

If you want to share your tips on finding time to work on your projects, or if you have a question you’d like to ask, please do so in the comment section.

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