How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Welcome to another edition of “Ask an Artist” where the artists and writers of Comic Indie field questions and post their answers for the whole world to benefit from their wisdom and advice.

Today’s question is a good one: How do you overcome writer’s block?

“For me, it just time. I have just such block at the moment.”

~Submitted by Jay Gillespie

“1. Listen to music.

2. Go for a walk/exercise.

3. Work on another project.

4. Read a book/magazine/inspiring quotes.

5. Give yourself permission to write poorly. Sometimes we get caught up trying to come up with the perfect word phrasing for something. Let loose and don’t worry about the details. You can always come back later and edit it.

6. Get inspired by a muse. If you don’t have a muse, order one online, just make sure you don’t order a moose instead. That autocorrect feature sometimes gets it wrong. When you get a moose, they’re so hard to get rid of.”

~Submitted by JP

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