Common Mistakes Newbies Should Avoid

Hello internet traveler. Welcome to the latest edition of “Ask An Artist” where artists and writers of Comic Indie field various questions which may help others out there.

This week we pass along sage advice to all the newbies out there.

Question: What are common mistakes for newbies and how can they be avoided?


“Always be ready and open to revising the work—-it’s important to note that when we create or clean or color work digitally, it is lit from behind by our screens, and the brightness you see in an image on your monitor is not necessarily what it will look like on paper.”

Submitted by : Stef Schultz

“Have family, friends, enemies…well, may not your enemies, but have other people proofread your work. You may think your writing is wonderful and concise, but you may be blind to things that others will catch.”

Submitted by JP

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