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Howdy buckaroos! Today’s article is about Free Fonts that you can use for your own comics. If you use a font created by someone else and plan to use it in a published work, check the font’s licensing arrangement. Some fonts require a licensing fee. Even if you can download a font for free, that does not mean there isn’t a licensing fee attached to it.

Free Font Sites

My favorite free font site iBlambot. They allow indie comics to use many of their fonts without a licensing fee and they have a great variety. I highly recommend this site.
Additional free font sites include: (in alphabetical order)

Font Selection

When selecting a font, you should always consider its legibility. No one wants to struggle trying to read a character’s dialogue. A font that viewers can easily read is important to retain an audience.
Also check to make sure the font family contains all the different characters you will need for your project. In some cases, font families only have letters, numbers and a few punctuation marks. If your project requires a symbol like “&” then you should check to make sure they are included.
Also, there is one font specific that is overused and has a poor reputation, it is called Comic Sans. So do research if that is the font you want to use.

Make your Own Font

Additionally, there are sites that help you create your own font with your handwriting. You download a template, print it, use a pen to fill it out, and then upload the template to create the font.
Here is one such site:

If you have some sites with free fonts, please share them in the comments sections.

That’s all for today. Y’all come back, ya’ hear?

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