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First and foremost, thank you very much for checking us out!

If this is your first time or if your a loyal fan, we are grateful to have you with us as we continue our quest to gather some of the greatest Indie Comics content that the scene has to offer!  We are very proud to showcase some of Houston’s comic artists and writers through our very own blog, YouTube show entitled “Draw Fight” and now with our upcoming show “Cheers to Indie.”

Starting this Thursday we will be airing our first episode of “Cheers to Indie,”  where we will be talking with local indie comic artists and writers about themselves and their awesome creations. What better way to enjoy a good conversation with our fellow creators than with a brew of course! We will be hosted by some great bars and breweries local only to the great city of Houston TX.

Tune in and pay close attention to the questions asked in the second part of the interview, entitled “Star Character Interview.” In this portion we will be asking personal questions the creator’s star character, such as their favorite hobbies, interests and such.  We will be using these questions for our game show conveniently titled, you guessed it, “Star Character Trivia.”  

The way the game is played is very simple, go to our website on Mondays and look out for the post labeled “Star Character Trivia” and simply answer a question answered in the post. The first person to answer the question wins a really cool gift chosen straight out of our mystery box! Sounds easy enough right? Well it wouldn’t be so fun unless there was a twist right? Guess what? there is.  You see, we will have several questions on the board, some bogus and some legit and each person will only have a chance to answer one question, the first lucky person who answered our chosen question is the real winner!

The winner will be announced in the following blog post for “Star Character Trivia.” So its skill mixed with a little bit of luck!



Thank you all for TUNING IN and GOOD LUCK to EVERYONE!





Alex A. Ayala Written by:

Writer, artist and Founder for Comic Indie, with a passion for the art of storytelling, art, and entertainment. By day he works as a Systems Engineer, and by night flying through the universe of Indie Comics.

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