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Question: How do you build an audience?


“I post my comic on ComicFury which hosts comics for free. It has an active webcomic community which I find supportive. I receive many comments for my work there.

I also post my comic on Facebook and Twitter, both have a huge reach. I receive a few likes for posts, I don’t get many comments. Remember to use appropriate hashtags for your posts so you can get more views from possible new people.

I use to post on Reddit, which gave a huge traffic boost to my site. Reddit works off an audience voting system. Personally, I didn’t think it was worth the experience of having some of my material receiving down votes. I didn’t receive any troll comments, but I’ve heard of other artist friends experience it. If you have thicker skin, go for it. You can post them in the r/comics subreddit (r/webcomics subreddit was smaller).

I use to post on Tumblr, but was unable to gain traction. I think it is difficult for a comic to thrive there.

I respond to every comment left on my comic. This lets a reader know I acknowledge and appreciate their visit. If I don’t have a witty response to their comment, I just thank them for reading. This also shows other readers I am open to interaction and in turn they will be more likely to leave a comment. There have been times when a reader’s comment inspires me with a new idea for a comic.”

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