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Thank you for Joining us on our very first Trivia game for Star Character Trivia! Our first Star Character will feature “Beth” from “Severed Souls” created Jay Gillespie.  Our lucky winner will be getting a surprise gift from our MYSTERY BOX!  

Not hard to answer since the answer is in last Thursday’s “Cheers to Indie” video, where we got to interview Jay Gillespie. But you must answer the right question, and you only got one shot!





Simply comment below, and state the number of the question and your answer, like so ” 5. The character’s day time job is a plumber.”  Well roll the dice next week, and tell you what number was selected! If your question number was selected, and you answered correctly, YOU WIN!




  1. How old is Beth?
  2. Is Beth Introverted or Extroverted? 
  3. What is Beth’s favorite color?
  4. Did Beth attend normal school like the rest of the kids?
  5. Does Beth have a day time job?
  6. What is Beth’s greatest fear?
  7. Who is Beth’s greatest nemesis?
  8. Do you try to commune with spirits
  9. What else does Beth do with her amazing gift?
  10. Does Beth have a boyfriend?




For more information on Beth and Severed Souls, please visit !

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