Resource Roundup: Digital Art Programs

Howdy partners, welcome to another edition of Resource Roundup where we highlight some of the great products out there you can use to create comics of your very own. Today we’re talkin’ about free digital art programs.

2-D Programs


GNU Image Manipulation Program is a graphic editor which can be used for drawing. This is a popular program launched in 1995 and has seen many improvements over the years.

Other digital painting programs include:


MediBang Paint

MS Paint is also a free digital art program but will be decommissioned in 2017 and replaced with Paint 3D, which provides a nice transition to the next programs.

3-D Programs

This program is fairly easy to learn. It is mostly used to render architecture, like background city landscapes or interior designs. It is also useful with machines, like cars, spaceships or robots. It is not commonly used for organic items, like humans or animals.

This is an open source 3D graphic program. It has a steep learning curve but is a very powerful program. There are many helpful plugins. One I recommend is the MakeHuman plugin to help design human characters.


If y’all know of other free digital art programs that you’d recommend, let us know in the comment section.

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