Podcast # 2: “Indie Titles before they got big” and we review “Severed Souls”


Tune in as we chat up some awesome Comic Indie trends and history, along with interview some local talent within the industry.   Not only that but we will be researching great tips and tricks and How-To’s for wannabe publishers everywhere!



So this format will be a bit different as we will start reviewing comics and placing a “Three Judge Rule” to rate the comics based on a rating system of 1 – 10 with 1 being so terrible and 10 being out of this world fabulous.  We will be reviewing 1 comic per month and by the end of 12 comics the indie comic with the highest rating will receive our “2018 Comic Indie’s, Comic of the Year award.” The winner will also receive a letter and golden foil stickers to showcase their winning.

Alex A. Ayala Written by:

Writer, artist and Founder for Comic Indie, with a passion for the art of storytelling, art, and entertainment. By day he works as a Systems Engineer, and by night flying through the universe of Indie Comics.

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