Looking to Collaborate on a Comic?

We finally have a classifieds section, for the indie comics industry!  We’ve been talking about this for a while, and now it’s finally here!

Whether you’re an artist or writer looking for someone else to collaborate with on a comic, THIS IS THE SPOT!  Please use the link under Connect\Submit-a-Post    to create your listing and enter what your looking for.

Click the link below if you want tips on creating a good post!

Please consider including the following when creating your post:

  1. POST TITLE: In your headline include your company or comic name.  In a sea of posts, generic titles will get lost in a see of titles, such as “Artist Looking for a Writer” or vice versa. Include your comic name or company name in the title and whether it is a paid gig or not, such as “Binge Comics is Looking for a Writer – PAID GIG.” Stating that it is paid up front is sure to get more attention.
  2. POST CONTENT: Make sure you include details, lots of them! Simply putting in “looking for a writer for my sci-fi based comic,” is not only bland, but excludes necessary details that potential collaborators want to see.  Here’s is where your post can shine, include any samples of past work you have done; perhaps it’s all on your site, put that bad boy (link) in the Your URL field.  If it’s artwork, upload some samples, if it’s writing, include some other links (maybe from a storefront like Amazon) to works that you have produced. Make sure your credentials shine first! You’ll want to be specific with what you’re looking for: if you want an artist that draws a particular way, upload some artwork that closely matches your vision.  Granted you may not find someone with that exact style, but that is where your judgment comes in. Make sure you specify whether this is a limited production, or an ongoing project, or one time deal. If you have the story, write a general description of what it’s about.


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