In September 2015, Comic Indie started as a group of comic book artists, writers, and enthusiasts coming together at a Starbucks in Spring TX to discuss their passion about drawing or writing comics. Although we all had different tastes in genres and worked in different art styles, we all shared similar challenges, processes and ambitions for the art.  However as time went on, one of the main things that stood out is that whenever you have a group of passionate people willing to share their knowledge, work and critiques, everyone stands to benefit.  And so it is no different now, we’d love to invite you to join us in our journey as we work toward making Indie Comics stand out as a craft that can stand well on its own by placing it front and center in whatever means possible.  Whether it is on our website, with reviews, by featuring local artists/writers, and posting a show on YouTube dedicated for spotlighting each artist.  And when we get there, we would perhaps even be able to one day display your product proudly at an upcoming convention. We are passionate about giving you a glimpse into universes and unique styles unheard of from underground, and welcome you to participate in it, on our website and on our YouTube channel.