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0 - DM Nerd Artist Mythical Buzz 1 - Red 5 Comics 2 - Vermillion Root 4 - The Goblin Collective 3 - Jeremiah Espinoza 5 - The Underground Forest 6 - Anton W. Blake 7 - DM Double Games & Comics 8 - MechaMythic Studios 9 - Mcandzely Anime & More 10 - Colored Pencil Comics 11 - Mental Diversions 12 - Alyssum Gallery 13 - Goofy Lala Comics 14 - Ratboy Miki 15 - Outer Spaced 16 - Combustible Monkey Comics 17 - Humble Frog Illustrations 18 - A. L. Peterson 19 - Silver Sparrow Comics 20 - 50Fifty Comix Publishing Maestro Coffee Artesanal 21 - The Art of Ian D. Walker 22 - OK Just Add Milk 23 - Summer Damsel Studio 24 - Ben Hameniuk 25 - Isaiah Broussard Art 26 - Books by Fobbs 27 - Paul Deeter 28 - E. M. Rensing 29 - Kill My TV 30 - Ink the Bink Publishing / PJ Press 31 - Toy Traficantes 32 - Smiley Face Corp 33 - Keyngdom Comics 34 - Magic Corn Ma'am 35 - Scribilly Comics 36 - Lesly Julien 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63

0 – DM Nerd Artist

Mythical Buzz

What’s better that enjoying the crafts of the indie arts? Enjoying it what a cold bubbly glass of craft mead. Come on by and get a glass poured, or get a sample of all four of our meads right off the tap. At the moment you can’t get this mead anywhere else in Houston, so its a rare opportunity. Sure you might have had mead, but have you ever had CRAFT MEAD? THIS IS THE SPOT to see what you’ve been missing out on.

1 – Red 5 Comics

Our guest of honor this year is Scott Chitwood with Red 5 Comics. Red 5 creates and produces cinematic-style comic book entertainment. It earned the 2007 Gem Award for Best New Publisher and its titles have been nominated for four Eisner Awards and two Harvey Awards. Red 5 Comics was founded by Paul Ens, former Director of Lucasfilm’s Lucas Online, and Scott Chitwood, co-founder of and writer for and ComingSoon.Net. Red 5 Comics is published by Scott Chitwood.

2 – Vermillion Root

4 – The Goblin Collective

A group of arts and crafts-making goblins, at your goblinny service.

Some time ago, amidst their cavernous abode, the smell of roasted insects and beds of cob-webby sticks, a small group of goblins saw the light. It was a lava pit and they promptly tumbled over the edge to their demise.

Fortunately, another group of goblins saw a much more figurative light. They stole pencils, knitting needles, measuring tape, fancy textiles and annual subscriptions to Photoshop from passing merchant caravans and began to make art. They called themselves The Goblin Collective. Don’t let your precognition of goblin goods fool you, for they are quite good at what they do – making goblinny art and goblinny crafts for anyone to get their goblinny fingers on.

Each goblin brings a unique set of arts and crafts skills to the group and offers all types of items for you to enjoy – from art prints, stickers, photography, knitting and so much more.

As always, The Goblin Collective reminds you to forever keep an eye out for lava pits.

3 – Jeremiah Espinoza

Jeremiah Espinoza is a Latino storyteller from Houston, Texas. He is the creator of the comic series Hallowed North and his work has been featured in collections such as Fairytales from Mars and The Pub Crawl Anthology. He is currently working on a high fantasy comic titled ONE-SHOT.

5 – The Underground Forest

Mark Nasso is an illustrator from Houston, Texas. While not drawing sketch cards or other sci-fi and fantasy art he is busy promoting his self-published graphic novel series, Land of the Rats which explores his interests in mythology, history, and the supernatural. “Land of the Rats” tells the story of Jack Natari, a hybrid rat-human from the nation of Raelak and his adventures after being exiled from Rat City. Wandering deep into the desolate Vastness of Blask, Jack meets many friends and foes, encounters strange beings, and befriends the dragon Mephiliaxus who may hold the secret to Jack’s quest.

6 – Anton W. Blake

Anton W. Blake is a multimedia cartoonist, illustrator, and ttrpg designer living in Austin TX. He is the creator of the science-fantasy comic series Zethia Space Witch, published by Cosmic Lion Productions. His work can also be seen in the comics GHOST Agents, WIZERD: the Comics Megazine, and Image Grand Design, as well as illustrations for third party supplements for the ttrpg Pirate Borg. As a game designer, Anton has created a bestiary for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, numerous system-agnostic zines, as well as EAT THE LICH: a rules-light, one-shot focused game of uprising against the magocracy.

7 – DM Double Games & Comics

Duane Moore, the brainchild of his own tabletop games “Surviving the G.A.M.E.” and his own comics “Brand X”, “Power Corps”, “Baptist” and “Old Glory”, which all take place in a world filled with secret socites and an underground war fought between the Elys and the Nastrond. Within this world heroes must arise. Welcome to the DMD Universe!

8 – MechaMythic Studios

9 – Mcandzely Anime & More

10 – Colored Pencil Comics

The Colored Pencil is a Houston-based, Black, multi-media artist, cartoonist, and illustrator. She is a two-dimensional artist with heavy influences from animation, illustration, cinematography, and graphic design. This year, her work was featured in Hardy and Nance Studio’s Black and While at Show 7.0 and the Operation: Get Lit (living in Time) Educational Scholarship Benefit.

The Colored Pencil started publishing her work online on October 31, 2020. In 2022, she created the publishing company “Colored Pencil Comics Ltd.”, where she continues to publish comics and other associated works. Most of the comics are made using a hybrid method of traditional hand-inking and digital illustration.

The Colored Pencil uses her art as an exercise in self-expression. Much of her work is based on personal experience and her love of pop culture, horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. Most importantly, it is a way to engage in a sense of play with herself and the audience.

11 – Mental Diversions

12 – Alyssum Gallery

13 – Goofy Lala Comics

Tell Diam is a talented comic book artist, family man, and passionate advocate for independent creators. Before discovering his love for art, Tell worked as a steel worker for many years. Despite the physically demanding work and long hours, he never lost sight of his dream to become an artist. Eventually, Tell began pursuing his passion for art part-time, while still working in the steel industry. He honed his skills through countless hours of practice, studying the works of great artists and experimenting with different mediums and techniques. His work is known for its intricate details, dynamic action, and emotional depth, and he is respected by fans and fellow artists alike for his skill and dedication. Through hard work, determination, and a passion for his craft, Tell has proven that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and never give up on your dreams. Follow him on his artistic journey and discover the magic of his unique comic book art.

14 – Ratboy Miki

Miki Ramirez is a self taught Animator, storyboard artist and comic illustrator/writer. Ever since high school Miki has been working hard to develop/help others create the most amazing independent stories ever seen. He is the lead artist for class act comics and the co-creator of furious five and will be debuting his first solo act during comic indie! get ready for his own original monster comic: Gargoyle!

15 – Outer Spaced

Writer/Co-creator/Letterer: Ben Collins

Based in the Ozarks of Northwest Arkansas, Ben graduated from the University of Arkansas studying media communications and journalism. Seinfeld aficionado and a drinker of black coffee, Ben is a proud ambassador for the under-appreciated medium of comics. He is a writer, a letterer, a pet-father of four and and a longtime beard bearer. As of this writing, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) logs in, possibly, as Ben’s favorite movie of all time. Ninja, vanish.

Writer/Co-creator: Eric Allred

An introvert by nature, a Sagittarius by birth, a husband by marriage and a watch wearer by choice. Currently residing in Austin, TX, Eric is a Filmmaker, Writer, Procrastinator, and proud father of a beagle and a Buffalo rat. A lover of nature, caffeine and carrier of a crippling fear of the future. Born a Midwesterner, he is an avid Chicago sports fan, a firm believer of Aliens & lover of sourdough bread (both baking and consuming). Amongst other things he is a wearer of glasses.

16 – Combustible Monkey Comics

17 – Humble Frog Illustrations

18 – A. L. Peterson

19 – Silver Sparrow Comics

20 – 50Fifty Comix Publishing

Maestro Coffee Artesanal

For coffee to be considered Specialty Coffee, it must obtain 80 points or more according to SCAA standards. This is determined by tasting, uniformity and consistency. ​To accomplish this, we take an artisanal approach to every step, from sowing the seed to roasting. We start with the best cherries which are harvested at their perfect ripeness.

Then they are artisanally processed, fermented and dried to render a unique, single origin, specialty coffee. Roasting in itself is a work of art used to bring out the best aroma and flavor.

Charge your batteries, and grab of cup of some of the best coffee that Houston has to offer!

21 – The Art of Ian D. Walker

22 – OK Just Add Milk

23 – Summer Damsel Studio

24 – Ben Hameniuk

Ben Humeniuk is a Texas-based cartoonist and educator, writing and illustrating graphic novels and novellas like Waking Life, the STEM-focused The Magnificent Makers series, or BRO-D CAN’T BE BROKEN. When he’s not teaching or drawing, he’s hanging out with his wife and three kids, volunteering with his campus comics club, or God help him, watching Star Trek. Lots of Star Trek. (And probably reading wiki articles on really obscure starships.)

You can find him at, Ben.Humeniuk on Instagram, or @BenHumeniuk on Twitter.

25 – Isaiah Broussard Art

Isaiah Broussard is a Houston born independent cartoonist based in Austin, Texas. His work, “Crackers & White Wine” was named Houston’s best political webcomic by Houston Press. He also creates the all-ages comedy/horror comic “Transyltown” and is the illustrator of the wacky superhero/adventure comic “Help Wanted!”

26 – Books by Fobbs

27 – Paul Deeter

28 – E. M. Rensing

It was only after graduating from the Air Force Academy in 2008 that E.M. Rensing discovered that the U.S. Air Force does not, in fact, have aliens hidden at any of their bases.

Despite this disappointment, she enjoyed a thirteen year career as a Cyber Operations Officer, traveling all over the world, working everywhere from Space Command Headquarters to the Texas Air National Guard. Now, E.M. Rensing writes what she loves; hidden realities, future possibilities, and of course, the military.

29 – Kill My TV

30 – Ink the Bink Publishing / PJ Press

Pizo Meyer is the creator of Ink The Bink Publishing and its subsidiary PJ Press. Under Ink The Bink Publishing, he’s released “Seed”, “The Signal”, “Monday Equals Murder” and has just releaesd the first ITB Anthology magazine series. He collaborates with writer James Roberts on two graphic novels, “Domine” and “While You Were Out,” under PJ Press. “Domine” is available to read for free on Comic Indie’s website and comic gallery.

31 – Toy Traficantes

32 – Smiley Face Corp

33 – Keyngdom Comics

34 – Magic Corn Ma’am

35 – Scribilly Comics

36 – Lesly Julien

Lesly Julien is an independent comic writer. A husband. A former stay-at-home dad. A collection of positive nouns
and adjectives, carbon, and so much pizza.  Lesly is a proud Marylander who moved across the country to San Diego, California for a short time, then Omaha, Nebraska because kids are expensive and now San Antonio Texas because winter is awful.

His work has been included in the Big Hype volumes 1&2 anthologies, he’s written short comics such as Ghost Gauntlet, Little Dragon Rider, Kurdish Delight.  Most recently he’s written Savage Wizard and Headcases #1, with issue 2s to follow in 2024. He’s currently working on a one-shot graphic novella.







Chanteé is a published author and indie comic creator for dark fiction, fantasy, and science fiction for everybody. She particularly enjoys writing villainous characters such as Jordan, from Please or the complex anti-hero Hunter from the Dying Light web comic, originally produced by iNHale Film Productions. In her free time Chanteé enjoys watching movies while floating in her pool, introducing her kid and their friends to larping and table top gaming, and annoying her cats.



Tristen Rodriguez is a 29 year old Mexican-Italian American from San Antonio, Texas. Known as “Diverse Deity” for her love of all things pop culture. Anything ranging from cartoons, anime, movies, tv shows, mashups & parodies. This self taught illustrator has always been passionate about the animation genre & has a goal of creating unique masterpieces for a new generation.








The Entertainment Law Clinic is an advanced entertainment law course for students seeking practical experience in transactional and administrative aspects of the entertainment industry. Students will represent creators, businesses, and non-profits in the music, film and television, dance, and art businesses with a focus on trademark and copyright prosecution and counseling, contract drafting and negotiation, and royalty stream creation and retention.

Justen S. Barks, Entertainment Law Clinic Director





Born and bred in Houston, Texas, Rasheed is an individual that has a major appetite for illustration. This has manifested in the self-published series, Wrench Tale. In addition he makes comics about his everyday life with his wife called SheednShell.