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Are you proud to be an American! Did you vote? What if after an election the president and the majority of cabinet members were assassinated in a failed overthrowing attempt of the government. Join the Comic Indie guys as we break down The United States of Hysteria by Howard Chaykin, a tale of America going absolutely nuts. Make this podcast great again by tuning in.

June 23, 2017 / / How-To

I participated in a panel discussion “How to create a comic” at Houston’s Comicpoolza 2017. I delivered the first section and my friend Jay spoke for the second half, discussing scripting and artwork. Below are my notes for the section I presented for those who were unable to make it and/or prefer written information.

June 21, 2017 / / Podcast

Join the Comic Indie guys as we jump into a world of PTSD, imaginary gorillas, hot desert heat, a pushy rich guy that wants to buy land, and aliens throwing up the middle finger. All this can be found as we break down Motor Girl by Terry Moore.

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Do you like hostage stories. Would you like hostage stories if they were real? Would you like it even more if this real life hostage story was put in a comic format. Well then HOSTAGE may be the book for you. Join the Comic Indie guys as we breakdown HOSTAGE by Guy Delisle.