Terms and Conditions

Table Setup 

You have up to (2) hour to set up your table – from 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM – on the day of the event. Tables and chairs will already by provided for the event; one chair per vendor. If you have an elaborate setup please be sure to have the assistance needed. We are not responsible for helping you set up your table on the day of.  

Clean Up

The show officially ends at 6:00 PM, so you will have up to (4) hours to deconstruct and clean up. Please have your area clean at or before 10 pm. Please be thorough, we are not responsible for any items left behind.

Additional Vendor Badges and Chairs

    • Each table is provided (1) Vendor Badge + (1) Chair, while double-size tables will have an additional chair provided at no cost.

    • You may request (1) additional chair and (1) badge at no cost, however you must email us ahead of time at info@comicindie.com. Please note: Only one business name can be listed per table.  

OnStage Panels 

A table will be provided onstage with a mic setup. Please remember to have your materials ready. Please be sure to check in with our MC near the DJ area in the Presentation Room.

    • Please arrive at least 15 – 20 minutes early for your speech. 

    • You may be reminded by our MC, when your time is almost up and when your time is already up, so please try not to go over and practice your speech.

    • This is a family friendly event so please keep the language PG.


Theft of any artistic work of any kind will not be tolerated. This can result in us cancelling your table WITHOUT a refund if the plagiarism was discovered any time after purchase. If it has been detected beforehand we reserve the right to deny you purchase of a table.

Cancellations and Refunds

If for any reason you must cancel your reservation, please email us info@comicindie.com anytime before November 18th 2023. Cancellations done two weeks before the show –on November 19th and thereafter– are non-refundable.

Transferring Your Reservation

You can decide to transfer your reservation to another vendor at your discretion, but please email us to let us know the name change. Name changes will not be accepted a week before the show — September 5th, 2024 and thereafter — as we do our final print run on that day which includes the map and all of the vendor names.

No Show

Comic Indie will not refund or transfer your reservation to the next year if you are a no-show.

Issues on the Day of the Event

We will not be paying attention to our emails on the day of as we will be busy at the event. Please contact one of our volunteers or the event organizer on the day of the event if you encounter any issues.